About Us

The mission of the Italian American Cultural Center of Iowa is to promote, preserve and provide education about all aspects of the rich Italian-American culture to the Des Moines metropolitan area and the State of Iowa.

In addition to our educational museum, the Center offers a variety of opportunities for individuals as well as groups to take part in programs and events at the Center. Classes in language, cooking and folk dancing are offered on a regular basis. Italian travel and cooking videos are shown as well as Italian movies. Group tours are encouraged.

Board of Governors
Jeff Lamberti, Chairman
Paolo Bartesaghi, President 
Therese Riordan, Secretary 
Susan DeFazio, Treasurer 
Loretta Sieman
Mike Richardson
Bob Myers
Msgr. Frank Bognanno
Elizabeth Hoak
Angelo Ambrosecchia
Rick Trower
Mario Fenu
Heritage Advisory Board
Therese Riordan, Chairman  
Michelle Murrow, Secretary
Terri Righi-Ryner, Treasurer
Patricia Civitate
Randy Prati
Gracy Kirkman
Jon Turner
Dennis Allen