Societa’ Vittoria Italiana

The Vittoria Lodge – A club of Italian-American men and women based in Ankeny IA

The history of the lodge is closely related to the history of the migration of Italians from Italy to the mining camps of Polk, Dallas, Boone, Marion and Lucas Counties in Iowa. Legally incorporated as Societa’ Vittoria Italiana Di Mutuo Soccorso in 1913, the Lodge had its’ principal purpose “to unite fraternally men of Italian extraction, of good moral character”. Besides serving as a health benefit organization, it also became a vital instrument in the social life of the new immigrants and their families. 100+ years later, the Vittoria Lodge and its’ Auxiliary are still very active and growing.

Society of Italian Americans

A club of Italian-American men and women based in Des Moines IA

The roots of the Society of Italian Americans goes back to 1898, when a group of Italian men gathered to discuss the possibility of organizing an Italian organization to serve as an outlet for their charitable impulse and at the same time create for them a social atmosphere.

Today, the Society of Italian-Americans and their Auxiliary have over 240 members – some original Italian immigrants, others 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th-generation Italian-Americans.  They still band together in a social atmosphere to support each other, improve their community, and preserve their precious Italian heritage.  Through strong leadership and the continued activism of its members, they plan on being around for another 116 years.

Italian American Women of Iowa

A club of Italian-American women based in Des Moines IA

The Italian American Women of Iowa (IAWI) was established in 2016 to share traditions and heritage with the next generation of ladies.

Their group gives 90% of the money they raise back to the community and every other month they do something in the community, either helping out at a place or collecting items that a charity needs.

Il Trattenimento Italiano

Italian Folk Dancers based in Des Moines IA

The Des Moines-based Italian Folk Dance Group, Il Trattenimento Italiano, had its start in 1959, when Patricia Civitate learned La Tarantella Napoletana as a youngster.

The adult group of Il Trattenimento Italiano currently consists of 3 men and 8 women. The Ragazzi group is made up of 16 children. New members are recruited through invitations in their newsletter and through personal contact.

For more information contact Pat Civitate at