An Evening in Tuscany

Join our honorary Chair, Sheri Sarcone Avis Horner for our 4th annual fundraiser dinner benefitting the Italian-American Cultural Center of Iowa.

Featuring the rich and diverse cusine from the Tuscan Region, known for pappardelle, panzanella, cantucci and, of course, some fabulous wines.

A presto!

More information to follow.

Genealogy Workshop

More information to follow

Capitol Procession

Annual Columbus Day procession.

More information to follow.

Columbus Day Dinner

More information to follow.

Bell’Italia Day Camp

Children will experience “being Italian” through language, music, dance, sports and games, cooking and crafts.

Open to boys and girls entering grades 2nd through 6th in the fall. To register call: 515-244-4672 or 515-250-8804.



Italian-American Heritage Festival of Iowa

Viva L’Italia

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A Message From The President

Ciao a tutti, come state?

Hi everybody, how are you ?

This year Easter will be on April 1st, what a strange combination……. I know that this newsletter will arrive in your house after that date, and I hope all of you celebrated an incredible Resurrection of Jesus. Over the past month the Center has organized the Feast of San Joseph, which was always an incredible success, but I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU – GRAZIE to all the volunteers that made it possible. 

Now I would like to talk about something happening in Italy in the month of April.

April 25 celebrates Festa Della Liberazione (Liberation Day) as a national holiday. It commemorates the end of Nazi occupation of Italy during World War II. This is not to be confused with June 2nd which is another holiday celebrating Republic Day.

On April 25, 1945, the National Liberation Committee Of Upper Italy, in a radio announcement, proclaimed the insurgency and seizure of power proclaiming the death sentence to all Fascist leaders ( including Benito Mussolini ). By May 1st, all of northern Italy was liberated including the cities of Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Turin, and Venice. This liberation put an end to twenty three years of fascist dictatorship and five years of war.

April 25 symbolically represents the beginning of a historical journey that led to the referendum of June 2, 1946, when there was a national vote and the Italian population chose to end the monarchy and create the Italian Republic. This was followed by the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic in 1948. A bill was created in 1946 designating April 25 as a national holiday and in 1949 this date was declared a permanent holiday.

I hope to have captured your interest with some history in the Italian Independence Day.

Please continue to support the efforts of the Italian American Cultural Center of Iowa in order to spread our culture throughout our community.

Paolo Bartesaghi

Italian-American Cultural Center of Iowa