The Italian American Cultural Center’s museum showcases countless authentic displays that honor our ancestors and preserve our heritage. The Restauranteurs display features menus, pictures, and stories of our families. The Grocers display includes items from early family stores. The Winemakers, the Tailors, and the Shoe Cobblers displays include many tools of the trade and ancestral photos. The fine art of Pasta Making is described with antique utensils.

St Anthony’s Parish, School and Community Center is honored with various items of interest, including class pictures. Italian glassware, jewelry and ceramics are displayed in Modern Arts. Rosters and pictures details past and current Italian Associations and our Athletes. The Bridal Suite is a traditional Italian wedding night bedroom, complete with a handmade bedspread, family pictures and wedding dresses.

In addition to our numerous displays, the museum hosts several traditional events, cooking and language classes. Our library holds many books, magazines, oral and pictorial histories, recipes, customs and travel information. And, of course, a gift shop is available with clothing, jewelry and various Italian gifts for sale.

Requests for private tours are welcomed!

For a virtual tour of the museum, watch the video below.