Italian American Cultural Center Cookbook

Cucina Italiana CookbookThe desire to publish a cookbook of authentic Italian recipes was presented to The Board of Directors in 1998 by Evelyn Caligiuri. Our families and friends submitted recipes over the following years. In 2006 the Cookbook Committee was formed to bring this project to fruition and CUCINA ITALIANA was born!

Our ultimate goal was to document and preserve these traditional recipes for future generations, so that they may experience the rich customs and fine foods of their Italian ancestors.

It was our pleasure to bring this book of memories together and we dedicate this endeavor to those who emigrated from Italy, for it is they who made this possible.  –  Kathy Foggia, LouAnn Lemmo,  Randy Prati, Michelle Montuoro & Susan DeFazio.

Cucina Italiana is available at Graziano Brothers Italian Foods.

Cucina Italiana Contibutors: